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The world is going cold on cash. Successive moves by global governments to consider or act on a reduction of banknotes in a bid to, among other things, clamp down on illicit purchases.

Will demonetisation become de rigueur?

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The University of Chester Business Research Institute (BRI) was established in 2014 as a faculty level research institute. The BRI focuses its activities on building and developing the University’s business research, knowledge transfer and consultancy capability and capacity.

What is the BRI?

Consumers are drawing out less cash and using other methods to pay for things such as contactless payments, but this doesn’t necessarily signal the end of bank tellers or their automated counterparts. There is conflicting evidence on whether or not banks are moving away from providing customers with a human face or an ATM.

Mobile payments and tap and go might not mean the ...

Level Up Your Life - using games and creative IT to change the way you work. Lecture by Steven Markham

Level Up Your Life

The launch of Atom Bank in the United Kingdom in 2016 as a new mobile bank regulated by the Bank of England (BoE) heralded the onslaught of a variety of mobile-only banks in that country. Given Australian bank customers are among the world’s fastest adopters of mobile banking, many observers consider Australia a prime target for this new type of disruption in traditional banking.

Will mobile banking be an Atom bomb or damp squib?